Older personal works.

Survival Of The Cleanest

#075 - Kids

Hug A Tree

#059 - Bear Boy

BRC Collab


#054 - Josh Agerstrand's Pizza Monster & 8-Bit

Say Hello

#048 - The Invisible Gentleman

Diamond In The Rough

A Piece Of Cake

#005 - The More You Know

#004 - Do You Have Any Two's?

#003 - Lab Mouse On Holiday

#002 - Whalliam's First Day Of Kindergarten

#001 - Comb Your Hair

Happy Holidays!

Some Sheep Will Never Trust Ewe

Boy Who Cried Wolf

Snack Time Is Over

Follow The Stars

Lick Me

Out For A Stroll

Sk8R Dood

Bedtime Stories (front)

Be Ambitious

This One's Just Right

Love Panic

Science Fair Project

Who Dunnit?

Word To Your Mother, Yo

Devil Spawn

Rise and Shine

Happy Holidays!

Case Of The Mondays

Having Tea With Sir Winsor

Young L.A. Driver

Video Game Junkie

Future Oral Hygienists of America

Autumn Sunset

Old Skool Bear


Sweet Temptations

Lord of the Flies

There's No Crying In Breakfast

Penguins On Holiday

Ha-Pee Holidays!

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Pick No Evil

Mozart Didn't Like To Practice Either

The Downside of Genetic Engineering

Early Bird and The Worm

Hard Knock Life